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Ivy Dental, located in Stockport, is led by Clinical Director Dr Malc Newsome and Rachel Newsome. Beyond being a dental practice, Ivy Dental is a family-owned business committed to providing lasting dentistry. They not only address dental issues but also ensure they stay fixed. Their focus on durability and long-term results means patients can enjoy healthier, happier smiles for years to come.

Ivy Dental pioneers new paradigms in dental care, prioritising patients well-being. Through a fusion of unmatched expertise, heartfelt compassion, and cutting-edge innovation, they equip their patients with the knowledge and tools essential for attaining and preserving optimal oral health.

The Goal:

Ivy Dental, previously an NHS dentist, has recently introduced a Membership plan for their patients. Dr Malc Newsome and Rachel Newsome were motivated to evaluate their branding, website, and marketing collateral in light of this change. It was important that new Membership plan communicated accessible dentistry at Ivy Dental and a cost saving option to prospective patients in comparison to ‘pay as you go’ and the benefits included within the plan.

To achieve this, MoxieWorks was entrusted with designing a new logo, creating brand guidelines, designing a website that incorporates these guidelines, copywriting and producing practice photography and video.

Logo Design & Branding

The logo design process for Ivy Dental began with a Brand Day at an offsite venue. This day included exercises for Dr Malc Newsome and Rachel Newsome to uncover the practice’s purpose, mission, values, and messaging. Following this, we conducted independent market research into competitors and trends to start the logo conceptualisation process, providing the client with 12 logos for client feedback. Once the new logo was finalised, brand guidelines were created. These guidelines ensure consistent communication, build trust with patients, enhance brand recognition, and establish a professional and cohesive identity across all marketing materials, both online and in print.

Original logo

Website Design and Copywriting

After completing the design of the new practice logo and brand guidelines, we shifted our focus to website design, photography, and video.
The website design and development process commenced with a series of collaborative sessions involving Dr Malc Newsome and Rach Newsome. Our goal was to understand how they envisioned their new branding on the website. We explored both dental and non-dental websites for inspiration, gaining valuable insights into their vision. Website planning began with wireframing and defining functionalities. We then created design concepts for key pages, seamlessly incorporating Ivy Dental’s new branding and media. During subsequent sessions, we presented these designs, allowing Malc and Rach to provide feedback and suggest changes. Development took place in WordPress, bringing the designs to life while integrating content management system (CMS) features and search engine optimisation (SEO). Rigorous testing ensured functionality and responsiveness across desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. Before the site went live, we incorporated client feedback. Ongoing maintenance and updates post-launch are essential for optimal performance and user experience.

Visit website here: https://myivydental.co.uk/


A selection of photographs and videos MoxieWorks produced for Ivy Dental.

Patient video testimonial

Dr Malc Newsome : dental implant treatment


Branded Uniforms

We collaborated with a dental uniform company to select the optimal colours and embroidery for Ivy Dental’s branded uniforms.

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